A downloadable game

Redesigned of an older #pico8 #shmup before making a better game based on the graphics.

The Demo2 version just adds extra-life every 50 points.

The Demo3 version add the auto-fire : just let you finger on the action button.

More healthy for the keyboard or the joypad.

Install instructions

Extract the archive that matches your os then double click the executable file.

You can use joystick or keyboard (arrows/x/c keys).


Zaxian_Demo3_Windows.zip 868 kB
zaxian_demo3_Mac.app.zip 1 MB
Zaxian_Demo3_Linux.zip 2 MB


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Thanks for the feedback.

I'm a bit lazy now about the music now but the last version adds the auto-fire.

Excellent space shooter! Here is some personal feedback:


  • Nice pixel art
  • Sound Effects
  • Gameplay


  • All enemies have the same mechanic
  • Having to keep pressing the fire button over and over gets annoying after a while, especially on a gamepad
  • Music loop of... like... 1 second? :-)


  • Add some powerups and twists

Very cool. Is this a redesign of Juneb?


yes. It's the same game with other graphics.